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Father's Day Gift Box

Personalized and thoughtful gift box, perfect for any Dad! 


  • Personalized handcrafted woodprint 
  • A versatile tactical Knife
  • Natural sandalwood soap bar
  • Funny coffee mug
  • $20 wood gift certificate 


Every woodprint is 100% handcrafted on Radiata Pine (imported from New Zealand) with your choice of either rustic or clean-cut edges.  


> Free shipping on all orders within USA

> Gift boxes are assembled and boxed up within 1-3 business days 

> Orders ship via UPS Ground (Usually 2-3 business days) 

*Most customers receive their gift box in less than a week. 

We are committed to unparalleled customer service and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



With every single sale we impact the stories of impoverished people across the globe. 5% of everything we make is donated to an organization that meets the most urgent needs of impoverished people around the world. As you do business with us we are able to partner with indigenous movements in some of the hardest to reach places on earth to provide clean water, education, healthcare, and love. Thanks for impacting the lives and stories of these precious people as you do business with us.