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April 16, 2020 4 min read

Originally Unrefined Art was started as The Woodprint Shop, back in 2016. I started the business with my best friend Brennan who I had grown up with. We were practically inseparable through our high school years and as we traveled America together as teachers. A couple years into us starting The Woodprint Shop we began to see great success, but with it tension and miscommunication began to build. Through many heated conversations and arguments we ended up separating ways. It was a very messy situation and although at the time I was trying to seek God through it and trying to honor Him in the situation, Jesus later showed me that I hadn’t done so great… Long story short, we split the business and each took a part of it and went into competition in the marketplace. There were a lot of hurt and angry feelings on both sides, families were effected, grudges were made, bitterness took root.

About a year passed and although I had forgiven him (and was still forgiving him as thoughts and memories surfaced) God revealed to me multiple ways that I wronged Brennan during the business split. God told me to write him a letter to seek his forgiveness for my part of the mess. In my head that seemed fairly easy, but when I went to put it down on paper it was a lot harder than I imagined. Nevertheless I obeyed and wrote the letter and mailed it out, not expecting to ever get a response. I took care of my part and that was all I could do. Really it was all I wanted because I didn’t want to hear from him and in my pride I didn’t want him to apologize anyway so that I could be the better person… About a month later I received the most humble letter I’ve ever read. Brennan forgave me and in great detail asked for forgiveness for his part of the mess as well. I was so thankful and relieved. If I ran into him now I knew we would be okay and could even say hi and maybe even give him a hug… The friendship we had wasn’t fixed but we had forgiven and it felt really good. Something about it though still felt unfinished. As I would read Scripture it just felt like Jesus wanted more for true forgiveness. At this point I still didn’t want to see Brennan, talk to him or really even think about him much. Fast forwarding to about a month ago we wrote back and forth via email with a very casual conversation until I mentioned briefly that when the snow melted I needed to finish cleaning up my leaves in the back yard. He wrote back and asked if he could come help me do that. Immediately I knew that I needed to say yes, but I sure didn’t want to. I had been praying for him again around that time (because bitterness had started to grow up again) and I had just heard a message at church about living out Jesus teachings… so I had to say yes. I knew it’d be an awkward time but I told him I’d like that and that we’d have dinner for him.

The day he came the enemy was trying to to stop him. Brennan had a fever temperature that entire day until he pulled into my driveway and saw me, then it completely disappeared. Our conversation started very casual but eventually he shared how much God had done in his life in the past year and a half. Jesus had clearly done an incredible work in both of our lives since we had last spoken. Brennan shared how much God had rocked his world and how he had been rebaptized. By the end of the night although it was still awkward talking with him because I had removed him and memories of him for the past 1.5 years, we became friends again. As Brennan left he said there was one more thing he needed to do to obey God. He set an envelope down and told us to open it after he left. We opened it and he said he was sorry about making money more important than Hannah and I. There in the letter was a check made out to me for $10,000.00. I was speechless. This truly proved the work that Christ had done in his life. This never would have happened before and if it had happened during the business split I would have immediately taken it because I would have thought I deserved it. Hannah and I prayed about it that evening and knew we just couldn’t accept the money so I wrote “Void + Forgiven” on the check and sent him a picture. Brennan then asked if it would be okay with me if we sent the $10k to an orphanage in Mexico to provide them with electric for their new dormitory for the children. I said that would be perfect.

I share this because I have seen first hand how incredible Jesus Christ is and how He heals people. I never thought this would happen. I am still in awe of how good our Heavenly Father is. I also hope that through our story you will find hope that JESUS CHRIST can heal even the most messy of situations. To God be the glory.


Today, Brennan and I are best of friends once again and although we are in "competition" in the marketplace God provides for all of our needs. 


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Ross Sergio
Ross Sergio

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